Is having an A/C at the gym good for you?

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Installing an air conditioner for temperature control can make for a safer and more comfortable workout environment. Cooler temperatures can allow athletes to train harder without suffering as much from the fatigue and headaches that can come from overexertion in a hot environment. Clients who work out too hard in high heat environments can suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Excessive sweating can also cause skin problems such as breakouts and rashes. But maintaining an ideal temperature can improve workouts for all of your members.

There is a prevalent belief that sweating more means burning more fat, so you may have to spend a little time on client education when you first install a new air conditioning system. Of course sweating is really just water loss as the body attempts thermoregulation, so working out in sweaty environments isn’t really leading to a better, more intense workout. In fact, high heat decreases exercise efficiency, because the body is having to cope with the heat before it can focus on other exertion.


Air Conditioning Might Actually Make You Work Out Longer

Let’s face it; regardless of how hot or cool it is inside the gym, you are bound to sweat.  So if you think by turning the air on, you are taking away from your workout, you are wrong.  Strength training is not dependent on how much you sweat but more so on how much you lift.  If it happens to be slightly cooler in the gym take that as a sign of comfort.  Use your comfort to spend an extra 15-20 minutes at the gym and extend your workout.


Boot Camp Style Workout

There is no greater reward to your body than a boot camp style workout.  It’s great because it provides the necessary shock to your body that aids weight loss.  However, most boot camps rotate between an outdoor and indoor workout.  When it’s 100 degrees outside you’ll be thanking your stars that there is a cool indoor workout space.  For a lot of people, shifting between hot and cold weather will make them feel sick.  But interestingly enough, most boot camp style trainers set the air conditioning at the perfect intensity such that your body will never feel like it’s rapidly shifting between 100 to 60 degrees.  In stead, your body will ease in to the temperature difference.  Plus, with your muscles in that much pain, temperature will be the last thing on your mind!


Avoiding Cramps

You are probably thinking how cramps and air conditioning have anything in common.  It’s really simple–when your gym is cool and your sweating a lot, you won’t feel as dehydrated as you would be exercising outdoors.  This means that you won’t be chugging down a lot of water during your workout.  Trainers will always tell you to go easy on the water to avoid cramping up.  With the air conditioner on, you will do exactly that.  This may not apply to everyone.  For some of you, water is an essential part of your workout.  But lucky for you, you are so used to drinking water during your workout that cramping has never been an issue.  But for most people, too much water can lead to serious cramps.  Instead, stay cool while drinking just enough water to sustain a good, cramp-free workout.

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